A brand with a conscience

Written on the 9 May 2013

A brand with a conscience

In a world preoccupied with social media and heightened web interaction, consumers are somewhat overexposed to brands and messages on a daily basis. This is making it harder than ever for marketers to penetrate the global marketplace with key messaging and branding.

As a result traditional marketing concepts are evolving, as companies look to alternative ways to reach their target audience.

Custom publications is one form of marketing that is growing in popularity. More and more businesses and associations are using custom magazines to position themselves, communicate directly to their target audience and to create brand loyalty.

Australian coffee giant, Zarraffa’s Coffee introduced custom publishing to its marketing mix in 2010 with the launch of its own quarterly magazine called Grind.

Grind magazine has gone on to set a national benchmark for custom magazines, and it’s a prime example of a successful custom publication.

Published by BNP Media, the magazine was created for branding purposes and to give the Zarraffa’s Coffee brand a personality – one which reflects the values and personality of its founder Kenton Campbell.

The quarterly magazine has been published since 2010 and is distributed through Zarraffa’s Coffee’s 60+ outlets, reaching more than 75,000 customers every week.

BNP’s custom publications editor Jade Harrison says more companies are realising the benefits of having their own custom magazine. She says there’s a growing trend towards embracing custom magazines as an integral part of the company’s marketing mix.

“Savvy CEOs and marketing managers are recognising the benefits of custom magazines and are implementing them into their marketing mix. They are a very powerful tool when used to communicate key messages direct to clients, customers and members. Grind magazine is a great example of a custom magazine that speaks directly to its target audience. It builds on brand loyalty, is a value-add for VIP members and ultimately gives the brand a personality.

“You only have to look around at some of the world’s leading brands – most of them have their own magazine now. It’s certainly growing in popularity and it’s definitely a marketing tool that is here to stay.”

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